Your ideas are too big for the house you’re living in? Your home seems too small for your plans? Make room, literally, with our room addition services! Our specialists will work according to the latest safety regulations, creating one of the most beautiful rooms in your house! And your guests and family will definitely appreciate it too. Definitely, room addition Culver City is going to be one of the greatest investments you can make for your home.

Have you ever wanted a home cinema where you can enjoy your favourite movies? An extra bathroom to brighten your mornings? Or maybe you want an extra bedroom so that your guests can spend more time with you when they visit?

Once you tell our experts what you need, everything will become a smooth and enjoyable journey.

From careful planning to delivering stunning results, our team will amaze you at every step.

With years of experience under our belt, we’ll combine traditional elements with elegant and fashionable ideas. This way, your ADU units will perfectly blend into the architecture of your home.

Culver City Room Addition Contractor

A room addition can be lengthy and stressful if you don’t hire a professional contractor.

Fortunately, we have solid proof that we love what we do and that we’re good at it. Our experience and happy clients’ reviews speak for themselves. And we couldn’t be more happy if you decide to join our satisfied clients crowd.

Right from the beginning, we put your satisfaction and needs above anything else. This is why you shouldn’t feel pressured about investing in something that’s just trendy but not suitable for you.

Your necessities will blend into a classic design that highlights the architecture of your home. And once you stick with a minimalist, stylish design, your house will be a hoot even after many years.

Culver City Room Addition Versatile Functions

There is no doubt that a room addition will improve the functionality of your house. Basically, our specialists will increase the usable area of your house. That means that you can use even the smallest corner of your house to your advantage.

And if you ever decide to sell your house in the future, this will do wonders for the final price!

Secondly, you declutter your home. There is no need to sleep in the same room where you work! Now you can have both: a beautiful, peaceful bedroom and a classy home office.

Do you spend too much time on getting the smell out of clothes every time you eat in the kitchen? Our experts come with a better idea: a classy dining room that prevents any unpleasant odors from ruining a yummy lunch.

The options are endless, and the best part of this project is that it’s extremely versatile.

In other words, every time you think you’re bored with the purpose of the room, you can change it. There is no reason to stick with the same design once it doesn’t entertain you anymore.

Just contact our specialists from ENE Builders and find out what design suits your needs!