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Financing your remodeling has never been easier, At E&E Builders Inc we connect you with the best financing companies that will ensure you get exactly what you need for financing your remodel or construction. Gone are the days where you have to go through the hassles and stress of walking to the bank. Our financing initiative saves you all the trouble. All the lenders we work with are ready to put together the perfect loan for you.
This financing initiative was born out of a need to make the remodeling process seamless if you are looking for credit. We take care of the hard part; once you are ready to get financing, we would give you a detailed estimate of the cost of our service and then using the loan-to-value ratio you would be given the maximum amount you can borrow.
The best part is that you can get ahead of all the home remodel loan hunt and get right straight to the lenders that are more likely to give you a loan suited for you. The total amount you can borrow will depend upon your credit history, loan-to value-ratio, and your income. That’s is why we are here every step of the way to give the best advice and your best options.
With E&E Builders Inc your remodeling experience is secure. You will get the full disclosure and a good faith estimate from your lender. We have helped many of our previous clients in financing their remodeling, So, prepare to tell a story of the perfect experience.

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  • Equity home line of credit
  • Hard money/private Loan
  • Refinance: conventional
  • Long and short term loans
  • loans/FHA/VA
  • Du refi plus – harp loans
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