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The Waarbroek Home is a 1967 Mid-century Modern residence in the Kinneloa Mesa community in Pasadena. The home was developed by Mr. Abbot Kinney. ENE BUILDERS drew it’s inspiration from Pasadena’s unique architectural styles, including Craftsman, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Mid-Century Modern, to infuse character into the remodeling project.


Residing in the Kinneloa Mesa community of Pasadena, the Waarbroek Home is situated amidst a blend of Spanish Colonial Revival and Mid-Century Modern architecture. Our new backyard design transports you into the future with its organic modern concept, where luxury intersects sustainability. Complete with a stylish fire pit for cozy evenings, a refreshing pool for relaxation, and a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen for culinary adventures under the open sky. Embracing nature-inspired aesthetics fused with contemporary elements, we elevate outdoor living with cutting-edge design that harmonizes functionality, style, and eco-consciousness. We maximized Pasadena’s mild climate by creating inviting indoor-outdoor living spaces with bi-folding doors.


Our designers address the trend of open-concept living by seamlessly integrating the entryway with the living room and kitchen. We planed to raise the entryway floor to align with the living space and elevate the ceiling for a luxurious feel. The high-ceiling entryway sets the stage for a sophisticated lifestyle, welcoming guests into a space that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. Experience the allure of vertical space, natural light cascading from above, and a sense of openness that transcends the ordinary. We salvaged the original 1967 entry door to preserved the home’s original design character.


Keeping Pasadena’s mild climate in mind, our designers created an inviting indoor-outdoor living space with bi-folding doors to introduce natural light and incorporate backyard views. For flooring, we opt for chevron wood, adding a stylish and dynamic look to the space with planks cut at an angle and fitted together in a V shape.


The kitchen serves as the heart of luxury moments for families. Attention to detail and unique choices create a one-of-a-kind space. Continuing the wood flooring from the entry and formal living spaces, we ensure a natural flow throughout the home. Opting for flat cabinetry accented with gold hardware offers a contemporary look. A stunning Calacatta Quartz countertop and handmade backsplash provide a statement design moment. Incorporating organic modern elements, such as a plaster insert hood and clean-lined stone, enhances the minimalist aesthetic on the home. Premium appliances, durable countertops, customized cabinetry, a functional island, and adequate lighting further enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

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The primary bathroom is designed to be a beautiful and calming space. At the client’s request for a freestanding tub, we created a shower-tub combination. Elegant touches include limestone tile floors, a mixture of cream and warm white tones, a wood drawers vanity, Calacatta Quartz countertop, gold hardware, and a stylish backsplash, all blending seamlessly with the house’s organic modern theme.

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Our team of designers and contractors, experts in Pasadena’s local aesthetic and building regulations, navigate the remodeling process seamlessly with energy efficiency always in mind. Incorporating energy-efficient features, such as LED lighting, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances, not only reduces the carbon footprint but also leads to long-term cost savings.

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I’m so happy with the great turnout of our home in Pasadena with ENE BUILDERS. I have been looking at contractors since the minute we were looking for houses. I always love the quality of work and design of ENE builders and found that they have a lot of happy clients. When we found the home we loved I knew right away to use them since Noi and Ben have always been approachable. The meeting, the design and the ease of communication during the process was tress free. Given that there’s so many horror stories out there with other contractors. They are spot on with their pricing, no surprises and timeline. Thank you for making our house from kitchen to family room, living room, flooring, bathrooms.. the remodeling was beautiful! All my friends are loving how cozy, homey, and tranquil our home turned out. This house is just a keeper for out family, kids, and friends gathering to enjoy for years to come!

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