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Steps to Build and ADU in Los Angeles


An ADU refers to an “Accessory Dwelling Unit”, which may also be referred to as an in-law unit, secondary unit, or Studio Apartment. It operates as an independent home with its own kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. An ADU can be detached or connected to the main single-family dwelling on the property, depending on the property and its existing structures. The construction of an ADU may involve building it from scratch or converting a garage.

Building an ADU in Los Angeles has numerous advantages. With the cost of real estate and land in the LA area being very high, many individuals opt for adding more space on the property they already own as a more cost-effective and less stressful alternative to selling and moving.

Not only is this type of structure more affordable, but it also offers extra living spaces beyond the main house, providing greater versatility for both homeowners and guests looking for affordable ADU builders Los Angeles looking for affordable ADU builders in Los Angeles.

. Family members can reside near each other while still enjoying their privacy. Furthermore, renting out the ADU can serve as an additional source of income for homeowners, whether as a holiday rental or a long-term living space. Some of the most commonly used purposes for an ADU in Los Angeles include: Guest quarters, workspace, fitness center, cabana, holiday rental, long-term rental.


  1. Preliminary Consultation
  1. 3D Visualization
  1. Drafting and Engineering
  1. Permitting
  1. Construction

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Professional Staff

Every member of our staff is a certified, licensed and skilled professional in every way. So, when we tackle problems the solutions we create are impactful.

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Result Oriented

We start every project with a clearly defined and detailed end result, in this way we can save you time, money and the stress of callbacks. Our first touch is the best touch.

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Customer First Approach

The customer’s needs are our north star. We help every customer accomplish every goal and desire they aspire for and in so doing are able to satisfy every customer.

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