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accessory dwelling unit


ADU stands for “Accessory Dwelling Unit” in-law unit, backyard cottage, secondary unit, or mother-in-law suite. This type of structure functions as a standalone home with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. It can be either detached or attached to the main single-family home on the property. Depending on the property and its structures, an ADU can be built from the ground up or through a garage conversion.

There are many benefits to building an ADU in Los Angeles. Because the cost of homes and land in the LA area is quite expensive, many people choose to create more space on the property they already own. ADUs have become a more affordable (and less stressful) alternative to selling a home and moving.
Likewise, not only is this structure affordable, but also it provides additional living spaces outside of the existing home. This creates greater flexibility for both the homeowners and their guests. Enabling family members to be close to one another while maintaining privacy. ADUs can also act as an additional form of income for homeowners who rent out the space, whether as a vacation property or long-term living space.
Several of the most popular ways to utilize an ADU in Los Angeles include:
Guest House, Office, Gym, Pool house, Vacation Rental, Long-Term Rental.


  1. Initial Consulting
  • During this step, our team will review a satellite view of your address, conduct a rough feasibility analysis, and provide you with a rough estimate of the project cost.
  1. 3D Design
  • Our team will create a detailed 3D design of your ADU, including an on-site visit to take measurements. Our designer will then create a full 3D model, with a round of revisions for your approval. Once approved, we will provide a detailed quote for the project.
  1. Drafting and Engineering
  • Our team will convert the approved 3D model into drafts and engineer-approved drawings needed for the permitting process. This includes engineering analysis, Title 24 energy analysis and certification, and solar design and plans. At the end of this step, you will have a finalized contract with final pricing.
  1. Permitting
  • After the drafts are completed and the final contract is signed, our team will apply for building permits with your local planning office. This process can take 5-6 weeks.
  1. Construction
  • Once permits are obtained, we will schedule the installation of your ADU. The ADU will arrive in prefabricated sections that we will assemble and finish. We will manage all subcontractors and schedule all inspections.
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