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A Mediterranean Home Remodel: The Hamilton Edition


Embark on a journey of modern luxury and Mediterranean allure with The Hamilton Edition home remodel. Experience the fusion of timeless charm and contemporary elegance as the kitchen undergoes a stunning transformation, boasting sleek cabinet replacements and warm oak wood flooring. Illuminated by new lighting fixtures, an arch opening adds architectural flair, while fresh coats of paint breathe new life into every corner. Ascend to indulgence with two stories of renovated bathrooms, where modern amenities blend seamlessly with Boho touches, creating an ambiance of relaxed sophistication throughout this Modern Mediterranean masterpiece.


We selected cream shaker-style cabinets for a classic and timeless aesthetic, ensuring versatility and easy updates over time. Porcelain countertops and backsplashes were chosen for their durability and sleek appearance, complementing the traditional cabinetry while requiring minimal maintenance. Clay tiles were incorporated for additional backsplash or flooring, adding rustic charm and practicality to this high-traffic area. Modern appliances and a custom hood frame were integrated for efficiency and personalized style, while the introduction of beams and modern lighting enhanced the space’s architectural interest and functionality. Together, these elements converge to create a kitchen that seamlessly marries traditional elegance with contemporary convenience.


With meticulous attention to detail, we’ve transformed this dining space into a haven of refined luxury. From intricate wall moulding to modern lighting fixtures, every element has been carefully chosen to create an ambiance that is both inviting and stylish.


The Hamilton living room remodel included a custom frame for the electric fireplace which elevates it to a sophisticated centerpiece, perfect for family gatherings. Built-in closets with glass doors add both functionality and elegance, providing stylish storage for accessories and books while keeping items dust-free and easily accessible.

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04 Master Bathroom

We began by installing exquisite white marble floor tiles, instantly elevating the space to a spa-like retreat. The addition of pristine white ceramic wall tiles provided a fresh backdrop, allowing the brass fixtures to stand out and infuse the bathroom with warmth and elegance. To enhance relaxation, we introduced a freestanding tub paired with a custom wood cabinet, seamlessly blending natural elements with refined design. Completing the transformation, a durable porcelain top ensures both timeless beauty and effortless maintenance, offering an unparalleled bathing experience in this luxurious master bathroom.

05 Kid's Bathroom

The kids’ bathroom remodel was designed to ignite imagination and joy. The fun tiles infuse the space with energy and excitement, creating a lively ambiance that appeals to children while ensuring durability and easy maintenance for busy families. A clean and neutral base, complemented by custom vanities, offers functionality and organization, providing ample storage space built to withstand the rigors of daily use. With functional plumbing fixtures designed for ease of use and maintenance, this kids’ bathroom remodel strikes the perfect balance between practicality and playful design elements, ensuring a space where children can thrive and parents can breathe easy.

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