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Imagine seeing your new home in a 3D space before we even lay a brick. Imagine the joy of exploring your dream space from a living room to bedrooms to the kitchen and having the ability to correct and alter anything without breaking the bank. That is the beautiful freedom you get with a 3D design and that is the kind of flexibility we offer at E&E Builders Inc.

We offer all clients custom home planning and 3D design services for all of their needs. We provide full architectural services, planning, and design combined with a 3D rendering for all your projects in and out of state. Whether you have a real project or a very small one. With a 3D design, the real estate you possess is limitless, everything is scaled to your exact preferences. In this way, we can ensure you achieve all of your dreams by taking advantage of the cutting edge 3D technology we offer.

Once you give us an idea of what you need, be it a sketch or a draft, our expert designers and architects will work out lifelike designs that will detail the exact specification your sketch presented to us. From there we continue to refine it until it suits your needs and desires. The best part is you can choose to explore in detail a specific part of your project just to see how far you can go and how structurally possible your ideas are. We love taking on challenges so you every idea is welcome. Get in touch today.​

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